OCR A Level Videos (Digital Download)

£79.00 + VAT (if applicable)

While our YouTube videos will always be free, we are often asked if we can supply the original video files for schools who would prefer to have local copies or don’t have access to YouTube.

This purchase includes all 160 OCR A Level videos rendered in high quality. Ideal for a flipped classroom approach, you can either ask your students to watch the videos as homework ahead of a lesson or afterwards for revision.

Why do I have to pay to download your videos when they are available for free on YouTube?

When users view our videos on YouTube, we benefit from Google algorithms promoting our resources and content, plus the use of cards and end-screens to make students and teachers aware of our other products. Providing local copies of our videos means we generate less of this valuable data.

So, in essence, by purchasing local copies our videos, you are paying for two things:

  • A lifetime, site-wide licence to host our videos on a password-protected intranet or internal learning platform.
  • A portion of the cost impact associated with our loss of YouTube/Google data.

Can I get physical copies of the videos?

If you are situated in the UK, yes. If you would like us to send you a free physical copy of our videos on a USB drive in addition to the download, please include a note with your order.

Terms and conditions

This purchase includes a lifetime site licence to use these videos within a single institution. The videos must only be privately accessible to the staff and students in your institution.

Please make sure these videos are not publicly available. If they are uploaded to a learning platform or otherwise shared via your school network, you must make sure they are only accessible internally or otherwise protected by a login.

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