Cornell Notebook AQA GCSE (8525)

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Our Cornell notebooks are the ideal accompaniment to our flipped classroom videos.

Each book features:

  • A card front cover identifying the course and a space for students to enter their name, class and teacher.
  • An inside front cover explaining how students should use the book.
  • A contents page for students to complete when they start a new SLR.
  • An open, lined space to write essential data such as target grade, etc. If your school uses stickers, they can also be placed in this space.
  • 59 structured, lined paper pages with space for students to write the video title, deadline, notes, questions and key terms, plus tick boxes for you to acknowledge their work.
  • An inside back cover with web and QR code links to Craig 'n' Dave videos for the course.
  • A card back cover with helpful text your students can refer to when other teachers ask them why they are studying computer science.

Find out more about the Cornell note-taking method on our website:

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