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All our premium resources for delivering highly successful OCR GCSE, OCR A’level or AQA GCSE, AQA A’level Computer Science lessons in the classroom.

Ideally used with our flipped classroom videos that you set for homework (, these resources provide you with a range of different classroom activities, workbooks, end of topic tests and starter activities. However, the modular nature of the resources means you aren’t tied into one specific pedagogy and all the resources can be used interchangeably without any reliance on each other.

A subscription gives you access to all the resources listed in the product description below plus all the latest updates and improvements in light of exams and first hand classroom experience (we are teachers too).  Plus a monthly email newsletter letting you know what’s new.

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Our resources support a very contemporary approach to teaching using a flipped classroom model, but can easily be used with any pedagogy.  They are not dependent on each other and can be used with a ‘pick and mix’ approach too – just use the activities you want.

Resources for:

J276 OCR GCSE Computer Science 9-1

8520 AQA GCSE Computer Science 9-1

Course delivery calendar (1-week and 2-week models)
Detailed long-term and lesson by lesson scheme of learning
Lesson plan outlines – one for every lesson for every unit
Starter activity and answer for every lesson
Student workbooks – one for each topic covering every specification point with activities for every lesson
Student workbook model answers ideal for revision, teacher/self/peer marking
End of topic tests with answers
Programming tasks and challenges for Python or Visual Basic exactly matched to the specification

Our lessons are typically 3 part: starter, theory activity and practical (often programming) activity.
Our theory activities are hugely varied and will have your students engaged in a variety of different tasks, but make strong reference to our free videos you should ideally set for homework.

…and of course all our free flipped classroom videos for every specification point on YouTube.


Resources for:

H406/H446 OCR A’level Computer Science

7516/7517 AQA A’level Computer Science

Complete set of 26 Student Learning Records
26 Teacher Marking Checklists
Sample exam questions and answers
Student activities
Computational thinking exercises
Suggested delivery guides
243 Key definitions and terms
Project Advice Booklet (28 pages)
Boolean Algebra cheat sheet
Big O Notation cheat sheet
Pseudo-code cheat sheet
Computational thinking cheat sheet
Programming tasks and challenges for Python or Visual Basic
Programming Progress Check list
Monkey-X 2D games programming walkthroughs with challenges
A set of scaleable vector based logic gate symbols
Exam Support Guide

 …and of course all our free flipped classroom videos for every specification point on YouTube.


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