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Video games make ideal computer science projects.  They are fun to make, and computer science should be fun, right?  However, the mark scheme needs to cater for a wide range of different projects from planetary orbit simulations to automatic rodent traps!  Therefore, it can be difficult for students to understand how to apply the mark scheme to their project.  For example, how is a video game amenable to a computational approach?  Clearly games are, but how can you describe it?  This book provides a comprehensive explanation of each aspect of the mark scheme and how it can be applied to a video game.

Defold is an ideal IDE for use at A Level because it gives you a solid framework for games development but leaves you plenty of room to create your own algorithms in Lua to.  With Defold, you are able to create a highly polished game using industry standard techniques.

Used together with Craig’n’Dave resources for development games in the Defold IDE, students have everything they need to be independent and successful.

There are five chapters in total:

  • Initial ideas
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Developing a coded solution
  • Evaluation

This book is supported by our series of step by step games programming workshops and tutorials for OCR and AQA A’Level projects: CHECK THEM OUT HERE

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