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NOTE: This product ships with the outgoing OCR GCSE specification (J276) along with the current A Level (H446)

Whilst all our teaching videos on YouTube will always be free, we often get asked if we can supply the original video files for schools who would prefer to have a local copy, or don’t have access to YouTube.

This product ships as a USB flash drive and contains all 240 OCR GCSE and A Level videos, ideal for a flipped classroom approach to teaching by setting them for homework ahead of the lesson, or for revision. They have been rendered in high quality at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Terms and conditions
This one off-purchase includes a life-time site licence to use these videos within a single institution providing they are not made available to the public, are not hosted on other commercial learning platforms for which students or schools make payment to access, or students studying in schools other than your own.

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