Official Craig ‘n’ Dave Coasters

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When Craig and Dave were studying A level computer science, 640MB CD-R disks were £10 each! It would take a long time to write the data at 150 kB/s, so you would chance writing the disk at 2x, 4x or 8x speeds.  Unfortunately this often led to buffer problems as the mult-processing computer couldn’t feed the buffer with data quickly enough.  The laser therefore ran out of data to write to the disk, destroying the disk in the process.  What could you use these useless and expensive disks for?  To put your cup on of course and they became known as coasters!

A pack of 4 high gloss premium coasters measuring 90 x 90 mm with rounded corners.

*This product should be wiped clean only with a damp cloth and avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as bleach.


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