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After the controversy with the 2019 OCR GCSE J276 question about whether a smart watch is an embedded system, perhaps you might like to embed your smartphone in this faux leather phone case with a soft touch hard case within. Flip opening, with a soft microfiber lining for added protection.

…and here is just a little bit more theory about embedded systems for you:

  • They are usually small and very light so they can be fitted into many products.
  • The computer system in an embedded system is usually a single microprocessor.
  • The microprocessor has been designed to do a limited number of very specific tasks in a product very quickly and efficiently.
  • The microprocessor can be mass-produced very cheaply.
  • They require a very tiny amount of power compared to a traditional computer.
  • They are very reliable because there are no moving parts.
  • Because the computer system is usually printed onto one board, if it does break down, you just swap the board; it is very easy to maintain.
  • If the microprocessor inside the embedded system breaks down, the whole system or product is likely to stop working.
  • Embedded systems can deliberately be made expensive to replace in products by manufacturers, forcing consumers to buy completely new products. This leads to unnecessary waste.
  • Microprocessor design is a specialist area so experts are needed to design them and to maintain or replace them.
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