Smart Revise

Smart Revise is an online course companion for Computer Science and Business. Built on educational research and best practice, Smart Revise has proven to raise attainment by redefining revision as a continual practice throughout the course and not just at the end.

Hundreds of original multiple-choice and longer answer examination questions crafted by trusted, experienced teachers and examiners. Personalised, diagnostic, spaced, interleaved and exactly matched to the requirements of each course specification.

Baseline assessments, beat the forgetting curve, end of topic tests, flashcards, healthy competition, homework, identify learning priorities, intervention, low stakes quizzing, mastery, model answers, online mock exams, peer marking, practice exam questions, reduce workload, and track progress.

Smart Revise cannot be purchased on this shop. It can only be purchased through a Smart Revise teacher or student account. Finance can also set up their own teacher account and transfer purchased course vouchers to teachers for allocation to their students.

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