Smart Revise


  • Unlimited access until the exam for years 11 and 13 (up to one academic year):
    £6.50 per student
  • Unlimited access until the exam for years 10 and 12 (up to two academic years):
    £10.40 per student
  • Unlimited access until the exam for year 9 (up to three academic years):
    £15.60 per student

How to place an order

You can try a sample of the product for free.  When you want to order revision packs for your students, please do not send us a purchase order.  Instead, follow the steps below.  We also accept individual purchases from parents by debit/credit card via their child’s account.

For schools, the teacher should follow this procedure, not the finance office:

  1. Secure a purchase order number from your finance office.
  2. Log in to – sign up for free first if necessary.
  3. Add the course you need.
  4. Click the course tile and choose, “Buy revision packs”.
  5. Choose the correct course and series.  We support years 9-13.
  6. Enter the number of students required in the “vouchers required” box.
  7. The total price, ex-VAT will be shown.
  8. Complete the online order form.
  9. Click “Confirm order”.

Once confirmed, we will check your order, release your vouchers and send you an invoice.  This usually takes less than 24 hours.

You can then set up a class, your students can create an account, join your class and then you can allocate the vouchers you purchased to them.

About Smart Revise

Smart Revise aims to address the “forgetting curve”, where students forget knowledge over time.  It continually asks students multiple choice questions from every bullet point of the specification, encouraging them to “master” a question.  Smart algorithms track progress, prioritising questions, providing valuable data to both students and teachers as well as creating personalised revision playlists for Craig’n’Dave videos.  Leaderboards and personal awards also facilitate healthy class competition.

Great as a course companion, great for revision, great for lesson starters, great for the last few minutes of a lesson and great for homework.

Teachers can unlock topics as they are taught or give their students full control.  Every question has been written by Craig or Dave, ensuring a pin-sharp focus on the specification which is the Craig’n’Dave philosophy.  No generic Computer Science questions here.  Only content that is exactly what students need to know for exams.

More information

To learn more visit our product information site:

To set up your account and start trying the product for free visit: (No payment details needed!)

If you are having trouble, please visit our online Smart Revise help centre or contact us.

Watch our YouTube series on this product to learn more:

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